Microwaving Art

n the “present economy,” a term currently synonymous with our financial downside, I encounter people nodding heads in agreement that original art is the last thing people want to buy.

I’m puzzled, however,  observing the same folks acquiring bigger RVs and wall-mounted televisions (they still call it that?), decorating extensively with mass-produced, framed Monet prints and crappy, cheap knock-offs.

Microwave mentality seems to permeate America. Consumers want “that“ elusive object now. So what if it was produced at a sweat shop? Eager to impress with new uber techno-whatever, they soon replace it with more innovative and well, crappier stuff; an even more “interactive” smartphone, for example. Seriously?

I’m a 64 year-old grandma, a slow-cooking and  raw-foods fan, as well, when it comes to art. I appreciate well-chosen materials, the real thing, the artist’s eye for expressing light and shadow, clean color, the process, the journey, to create the artwork–and the artist.

In cultures that historically value art and creators of that art, people surround themselves with even small works–because those selections really matter to them, and reflect their lifestyle values and relationships.

On my painting trips, I bring saved funds to purchase original art, to buy directly from those local fellow artists who are aware of the personal and spiritual essence present in their work.

I buy to support and connect with their creative energy. This makes me discerning, conscious, and ultimately, happier.

Choose this simple option, yourself. I guarantee you’ll depend less and less on a microwave, for anything.

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