Sources of Inspiration

I am sometimes asked, “What inspires you?” with regard to my art. My response may vary, but the intent is constant: Relationships in Nature ceaselessly inspire me. My series of paintings, “Outside My Door,” presents what I observe and know here and now, through watercolor and acrylic paint. Each effort brings me closer to new levels of understanding, skill, and expression.

Though I love to travel, I can simply go outside and the world opens portals of adventure. Today, I decided to take photos in the neighborhood. I was greeted by a tiny baby rabbit, sitting happily on the warm cement on the front walk of my house. Sunlight played with shadows, and iridescent hues and reflective ponds shimmered with the emerging Spring, like a Maxfield Parish dawn. How can I not be grateful for these amazing gifts that exist just~~outside my door?



One thought on “Sources of Inspiration

  1. Hi Kathy! I was browsing the web and saw that you may have moved to Maui. Is this the case? Let me know so I can connect with you and maybe come to paint with you soon.

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