Healing Series Project: “We are titanium.”

What is a mother to do when her child is so ill, so, weak; when just kissing a bruise or cooling the fever no longer works like it did when she was small? Of course, I could cook healthy meals for her, especially after infusions, when her red blood cell count spiked. But that was not enough.

My only other resource was my art. I began my Healing Series of watercolor and acrylic paintings in 2008 for a friend with terminal colon cancer. I painted a series for my doctor’s new medical clinic. In 2013, I renewed my work with relentless vigor, as Kirsten, my youngest daughter, living in Brooklyn with her husband and baby, endured six months of aggressive chemo for non-Hodgkins large B cell mediastinal lymphoma. The huge, inoperable tumor in her chest was behind her heart.

I painted square-format watercolors of images with which she related~Winged Victory of Samothrace, bamboo (our family tree), moving water, any theme that represented life and hope, to remind Kirsten of her inner strength and the familial love circling the wagon with her. Two years later, in 2015, she was cancer-free! I began a painting, “Titanium,” to celebrate her fearlessness and courage through a roller-coaster battle. She fought with her entire being, and won.

Three days after her announcement, I was diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer. My prognosis was good, with treatment by surgery and radiation. That was during the fall of 2015. Today, I am shedding the draining fatigue that I didn’t think could ever happen with me, the strong “woman-like-bull” mother of six strong adults.

I paint with more conviction, of what I know, here and now, with the intention of sharing healing energy with my viewers, to transcend differences through common life values.

From these efforts, I, myself, continue to heal, to rediscover my creative journey, and to impart my prayer of unconditional love to this unpredictable world of ours.


“Titanium,” Acrylic 18″ x 24″



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