“You Got to Have a Dream…”-Bloody Mary

“Happy Talk” is my current newsletter and brochure title for two reasons. First, the Italian meaning of my last name is “happy.” The second reason is a longer story: I recall my awkward and unconfident youth, when I tried to emulate actress Frances Nguyen as demure Liat, hand-signing Bloody Mary’s ‘Happy Talk’ song in the Rodgers & Hammerstein musical, ‘South Pacific.’

Years later, I was cast, by default (the only Asian member who also spoke French), as, you guessed it–Liat, in a university production. This was, thankfully, my first and last acting role. I decided then, to simply be me, embrace my own gifts, and pursue “the things I like to do”~paint and talk about it.

Born by the sea on an island, my cultural roots and family stories are rich with limitless subjects to interpret and to express with my own eyes and hands. I paint mostly in watercolor and acrylic because I like the fluid spontaneity of pigments on paper or canvas. Many of my paintings are water- themed, in blues, violets, and greens, but others are active, energy-driven, with passionate hues of orange, red, and magenta.

Being in the very moment of creating a work is happiness in itself. Connecting with the viewer through my art makes the journey even more joyful and worthwhile, for all of us who strive for peace on this earth can link our spirits in this act of love, that of making and appreciating art.

“You got to have a dream.”~~Bloody Mary


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