Outdoor Studio: “Pinot Noir Morning”& Autumn Musings


“Pinot Noir Morning,” Plein Air Watercolor (Domaine Drouhin) by Kathy Delumpa Allegri ©2016

The morning air feels cooler and crisper now, and afternoon light, peachy-warm. I pack my easel to paint at favorite places. I love painting vineyards. Having “retired” from wine retail after so many wonderful years, I relax and enjoy these fruits of the earth, painting the landscape in its immediate ambiance~~the misty, chilly fog, brown Jory soil caressing deep roots, and red-tail hawks circling the fields.

I’ve painted en plein air for over twenty-four years. At age 68, I’ll be fortunate to have that many years left in this world, so, enjoying each moment is my daily goal. Yes, I have an adventure or two awaiting; I’m excited about that. I’ve learned to calm my child-like expectation by paying attention to what I’m doing, thinking, and feeling at this very moment.

Thus~~a brief blog here; a little pause in my activity, to simply express gratitude for this wondrous day, opportunities to share with family and friends, and a nod to the spiritual Muse, who continues to seduce and amuse me, daily.

Carpe Diem!

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