My Heritage and Healing Series of water media paintings are of places, people, and things that I know.

My art must express relationships~how entities interact through shadow and light, reflections, movement, and color. Understanding science, being in Nature as much as possible, and personal victory over cancer inspire my vision and creative journey.

I began art and foreign language studies at the University of California, Davis. I focused on raising my family while working as a graphic artist and ultimately, received a Bachelor of Science in Art at Colorado State University.

My first art instructor at UC- Davis, Dr. Wayne Thiebaud; Georgia O’Keeffe, Philippine artist, Manuel (Manny) Baldemor; Andrew Wyeth, and always, DaVinci, are among my favorite painters.

I taught watercolor at a community college for thirteen years, painted historic murals, and offered classes in my gallery studio in Oregon, until 2014. Somewhat “retired” (but not really), I continue teaching private classes and workshops at my home studio.

My plein air workshops on Maui and Kaua`i honor the mana (spirit) of the islands and its people. For that reason, we do not call attention to ourselves, but rather, blend in with the natural ambiance that surrounds us, to learn as much as we can about the rich, indigenous culture, with Aloha, humility, and respect.

I design clothing accessories for Vida (San Francisco), continue to dance hula, and travel as much as possible. Visit Columbia River Gallery in Troutdale, Oregon to purchase my original watercolors of the Columbia Gorge and other regional themes. Prints of some of my paintings are available through Fine Art America.

Because life is a canvas that awaits wonder, play, creativity, and passion, I draw or paint almost daily. —Kathy

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